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Nov-Dec 2016

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We might fail to keep them updated.
If they are broken , please check again next week.
This list updated on Oct 9th 2015
Expected to expire on Nov 7th 2015.

Newsstand Softcore 
Adult Magazines:
(pre-internet porn)

Expires  Nov. 7 / 2015:

CLUB magazine, Feb. 1976 US edition v1 # 12, 
CLUB magazine, May. 1976 US edition, 
CLUB magazine, Oct.. 1976 US edition,
CLUB magazine, Holiday 1976 US edition
CLUB magazine, Feb. 1980, soundsheet record

CLUB International - British import
Club International, v2#11 Nov. 1973 British,
Club International, v5#7 Oct. 1976 British
Club International, v5#8 Nov. 1976 British, 

CHERI Dec 1980, Cherry Bomb, Nudes-a-Poppin 1980,

FOX #1 May 1984 From Gallery, Classic 
FOX - March 1989 v5 #6, Megan Leigh - Classic, 

GALLERY Dec. 1972 v1 # 2 History of Pin-Ups, Classic 
GALLERY Jan. 1973 v1 #3 Cheech & Chong intervie, 
GALLERY May 1973 v1 #7 Monokinis, George Carlin
GALLERY,June 1975 George Harrison, Harlan Ellison
GALLERY Nov. 1976 Amateur Erotic Photo Contest,
GALLERY Jan.1977 Ms.All-Bare America, Anniversary
GALLERY, Nov. 1979 Girl Next Door of the Year
GALLERY, May, 1987 Classic
GALLERY, Sept. 1987 Timothy Leary - Classic 

GAME magazine v2#3 March 1975 Classic 
GAME magazine v4 #10 Oct. 1977, Classic

Genesis 1/4, Nov 1973, 2 centerfolds, James Caan
Genesis June 1982, Rare Rochester NY edition, Vintage 

Glamor Girls - British import
GLAMOUR GIRLS #1, from Parade magazine, 

High Society
High Society July 1976 - vol 1 no 3, Classic
High Society Aug. 1976 - vol 1 no 4, Classic 
High Society - March 1977 - vol 1 no 11, Classic 
High Society - July 1978 - Suzanne Somers Nude, 
High Society Dec. 1983 No Poster. 

HUSTLER magazine, Aug. 1974, Vol 1 #2 
HUSTLER magazine, Nov. 1974, Vol 1 #5 
HUSTLER magazine, Dec 1974, Vol 1 #6 
HUSTLER magazine, Jan 1975, Vol 1 #7 
HUSTLER magazine, Feb 1975, Vol 1 #8 
HUSTLER magazine, March 1975, Vol 1 #9 
HUSTLER magazine, July 1975, Vol 2 #1 
HUSTLER magazine, Aug 1975, Vol 2 #2 Jackie Onassis nude
HUSTLER magazine, July 1976, Bicentennial edition, 
HUSTLER magazine, Oct. 1976
HUSTLER magazine, Jan. 1977,
HUSTLER magazine, Aug. 1977, Scratch 'N Sniff, 
HUSTLER magazine, March 1978, , No-photo cover
HUSTLER magazine, Sept 1982, , 3 tit hoax
HUSTLER magazine, May 1984,, Crucifix cover
HUSTLER magazine, July 1984, , 10th Anniversary
HUSTLER magazine, July 1986, 
HUSTLER magazine, Feb 1987,
HUSTLER magazine, Nov 1989, 
HUSTLER magazine, Dec 1990, 
HUSTLER magazine, March 1991, 
MAYFAIR - British import
MAYFAIR, Vol 16 #7 British Import, July 1981,
MAYFAIR, Vol 17 #2 British Import, Feb. 1982, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 17 #8 British Import, Aug. 1982, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 17 #9 British Import, Sept. 1982, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 18 #7 British Import, July. 1983,
MAYFAIR, Vol 18 #12 British, Dec. 1983 
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #2 British, Feb. 1984
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #5 British, May. 1984 
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #8 British, Aug. 1984 
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #9 British, Sept. 1984
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #10 British, Oct. 1984 
MAYFAIR, Vol 19 #11 British, Nov. 1984 
MAYFAIR, Vol 20 #1 British, Jan 1985, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 20 #4 British, April 1985,
MAYFAIR, Vol 21 #4 British, April 1986, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 21 #6 British, June 1986, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 21 #7 British, July 1986, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 22 #8 British, Aug. 1987, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 22 #9 British, Sept. 1987
MAYFAIR, Vol 22 #10 British, Oct. 1987, 
MAYFAIR, Vol 22 #11 British, Nov. 1987
MAYFAIR, Vol 22 #11 British, Nov. 1987, coverless,
MAYFAIR, Vol 23 #7 British, July 1988, 

Best Of MAYFAIR #2, Vol 17 - 1982, 200 page special
Best Of MAYFAIR #3, Vol 18 - 1983, 200 page special
Best Of MAYFAIR #6, Vol 21 - 1986, 200 page special,

OUI magazine, Dec. 1973, Vol 2 #12 
OUI magazine, May 1974, Vol 3 #5 
OUI magazine, June1974, Vol 3 #6 
OUI magazine, Aug. 1974, Vol 3 #8 
OUI magazine, Jan. 1975, Vol 4 #1 

Video Madonna - Japanese import
VIDEO MADONNA 19, Japanese softcore, 1987, 


Fucking Spammers:

Stolen from DOMAI:
     "A new movement is started now, one that appreciates the beauty of girls, and want it
     to be acknowledged for itself, not something that is just there to support Art or
     stimulate sex. We respect woman and her beauty, and we celebrate it.

    Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against porn in principle, and we certainly have
     nothing against fine art! It is only thatSimple Nudes is its own thing, is independent of
     and should not be confused with those two other things.

    Obviously quite a lot of art and photography throughout history can be fitted into
     "simple nudes". But most of this is a retrofit, an overlap from either fine art or soft
     erotica. This focal point is a new thing. We tend to forget that pornography/erotica only a few decades ago was illegal all
     over the world, so people did what they could get away with, which then of course often looked like simple nudes. The proof
     is that pin-ups, "cheesecake" and so on basically disappeared once porn was legalized. And it has taken a few decades of
     legal porn for enough people to get fed up with it, and being open now to the possibility of Simple Nudes, without the focus
     on sex."                        - Eolake Stobblehouse, DOMAI founder

Stolen from Body In Mind:
"Doom and gloom
Every religion has its story about the end of the world, each describing man's depravity, his abandonment of values and the resulting self-destruction of human civilization on an apocolyptic scale. What they don't say is that female beauty can save us. Female beauty is the natural representation of human values, and moral men are naturally attracted to it. Over millienia this sexual selectivity created Pamela Anderson from a cavewoman. Without female beauty mankind will lose its way. 'Pursue values or perish' is nature's commandment to mankind. But the religions of the world tell us to do the opposite - to sacrifice values. To save the world? No. They simply tell us to sacrifice until the world inevitably ends. So who are you going to believe about the kind of values required for human survival? Nature and beautiful women? Or an ancient book written by someone who can't wait for the world to end?"

Have you ever noticed that some women look better in clothes and some look better naked? They are all beautiful of course, but some, like fashion models, seem made for clothes, and clothes seem made for them. Take them out of their clothes and somehow they don't seem as glamourous. Take some bikini models out of their swimsuits and they just don't seem as voluptuos as they did on the cover of that magazine. Yes clothes can hide "flaws" or accent a woman's assets but put the same clothes on some other women - curvy and voluptuous women like Kelly - and somehow they fail to make her look any better. The clothes might very well be her size but they just don't "fit". Kelly has the kind of gorgeous body that belongs on a statue in an art museum. Such beauty never looks better covered up; clothes just aren't made for art models. Men often fantasize about a world where women are all naked. But the truth is some women look better naked and some look better dressed. From an aesthetic
 point of view we're grateful for them all, and certainly from a freedom standpoint women should be able to be as dressed or undressed as they like. But let's not forget that the human body is a bit of a miracle and that dressed or undressed it is worth looking at and enjoying for its own sake