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by Stefan Soell
14 samples from a set
at FemJoy
by Stefan Soell
12 samples from a set
at FemJoy
"Cat People"
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy

"Nude Dance"
14 samples from a set
at FemJoy
"Secret Ivy"
by Stefan Soell
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy
"Magic River"
by Stefan Soell
13 samples from a set
at FemJoy

by Stefan Soell
13 samples from a set
at FemJoy
by Stefan Soell
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy
12 samples from a set
at FemJoy
16 samples
from a set of 65
at FemJoy
by Stripy E. 
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy

16 samples from a set
at FemJoy
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy

"Deserted City"
16 samples from a set
at FemJoy
Jenni "Open Beauty"
Sample Video from FemJoy
Clarissa "Missing You"
 by Valery Anzilov
Sample Video from FemJoy
"Introducing Avida"
Sample Video from FemJoy
Corinna "Perfect Waves"
Sample Video from FemJoy
Jenni "Cat Nap"
Sample Video from FemJoy
Sanura "Estate"
Sample Video from FemJoy
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-Anastasia in So Beautiful
 - 16 samples  from a set of 115
- Angelina B. in This Time
 - 16 samples  from a set of 91
- Carisha in Just Like This
 - 12 samples  from a set of 33 by Stefan Soell
- Colette D. in Sophisticated
 - 16 samples  from a set of 112
- Conny in Follow Me
 - 16 samples  from a set of 75
- Dina L. in Premiere
 - 16 samples  from a set of 58
- Tia, Pepita in Complices
 - 16 samples  from a set of 66
- Alisee D. in Premiere
 - 16 samples  from a set of 75
- Anne P. in Wake Up With Me
 - 16 samples  from a set of 120
- Lilly in What A Night
 - 16 samples  from a set of 50
- Marylin in Enchanted Apples
 - 16 samples  from a set of 75
- Olina D. in What A Feeling
 - 16 samples  from a set of 79
- Polly E. in Take A Moment
 - 16 samples  from a set of 105  * 
- Sammy D. in Just My Imagination
 - 16 samples  from a set of 141

Sample Video:
Zelda B., Stacey- Crazy Things
 -  sample  from the 7 min video

Sample Gallries 
from FemJoy
Gallery of the Day


Gallery Of The Day


Sample Gallerys by Stefan Soell

Sabrina's  Shrine
Gallery & Video list

Corinna's  Shrine
Gallery & Video list
by Stefan Soell
"Golden River"
"African Queen"
by Stefan Soell
12 samples
from a set of 38
"Diablo de Fuego"
"Love Affair"
"Strawberry Girl"
"Harem Entrance"
"Candy Girl"

We appologize.
We had more samples than we are allowed, and had to de-link half of them
by Stefan Soell
"Twin Joy"
by Stefan Soell
"Game of Roles"
"Satin Doll"

"Roof Beam"
"Wild Fern"
"has mail for you"
Anna-Leah, Corinna
"Grecian Sirens"
"Strebsam 2"
"Mind the Step"

"Iron Girl"
"Sail with me"
"Pure Refreshment"
"Pole Dancer"
"Magic Flow"

"Sweet Cousin"
"Water World"
"Touching your Soul"
"Wild Wild West"

by Stefan Soell:
"Moving Elve"
"Nude Dance"
Eva Kinga & Helena
"Triplet in Motion"
Eva & Helena
"Cousins in Motion"
"Moving Elegance"
"Havana in Motion"
"Moving Seduction"

Our favorite fems at FemJoy:

Corinna's  Shrine

Sabrina's  Shrine

Marketa's shrine

There's lots more where these came from
Tasteful Nude Samples

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There's a distinction in the world of online nude photography. It's between "art" and "erotica." Art is supposed to be appreciated by the higher senses, enjoyed for its form and composition, and viewed from a critical distance. Erotica is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used for its immediate satisfaction, and viewed as closely, and as uncritically, as possible.

Many sites claim they offer one or the other, but very few sites offer an arousing mixture of both. And no site offers such an arousing mixture. At FEMJOY, you get both - art and erotica.
More than 500 Models

Hundreds of the most beautiful women have been posing for FEMJOY. Most of them are no professional models but "next-door" girls who you can meet in your everyday life. If we work with fashion models our photographers emphazise their natural beauty and produce photo series and videos which are totally different to what you usually see on the web and in print.

Many models like Corinna, Kinga, Olivia and others pose exclusively for FEMJOY.

On FEMJOY.com girls are always entirely natural and have fun sharing their nudity with you. Members of FEMJOY.com can enjoy nudity of models with a good feeling - all girls have been over 18 when photographed and filmed nude. Our girls come from all over the world - even from Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Scandinavia and not only from Eastern Europe.

FEMJOY.com is unmet in its pure nude multi photographer concept and the only true nude site updated several times daily.

The variety of updates reaches from nude art to erotica.

Hundreds of young beauties are featured month after month. Many of them such as Corinna, Kinga, Sylvia S., Aida, Desiree, Armida, Olivia, Lia and several others are even exclusively featured on FEMJOY.com.

Over 100 talented and famous photographers from all around the world, like Stefan Soell, Fred Klein, Massimo De Luca, Vadim Rigin, Valery Anzilov, Peter Vlcek, Martin Krake, Rustam Koblev, Manfred Baumann, Alexander Fedorov and many more are daily on the road to find and capture the most beautiful girls entirely nude. Some of them like Stefan Soell work exclusively for FEMJOY.com. We present new and exclusive updates every single day.

We give our members more than just nice covers. Members get complete top-quality high resolution photo series or films cut to perfection. Read our member's feedbacks and join right now to compare yourself.

The idea for FEMJOY.com was created in 2003 and launched 2004 by a small group of international people. Since then FEMJOY.com became the fastest growing community for tasteful & simple nudes and also provocative nude art in the world. The FEMJOY concept builds on honesty and quality. FEMJOY sets new standards in quality with the unique "handpicked" concept.
Members get high-resolution videos along with high-resolution poster size photos. So you can see the girl in the photos, then in the video which is an incredibly intimate experience. Our films are going to move you to a new emotional level of aesthetic appreciation.

the most famous website in presenting complete series of photographs and films of authentic, natural, joyful and super pretty girls! Enjoy the prettiest girls from
       next door in the world's best intimate nude galleries. All FEMJOY models are always entirely natural and have fun sharing their nudity with you!

More than 100.000 poster size photos. More than 500 different models. 100 contributing artists. 830 new updates per year. FEMJOY is the only site to post HDV videos along with high resolution photo galleries. FEMJOY stands for premium quality and authentic beauty - expect more than a nice cover

  FEMJOY - The PREMIER pure nudes site
  FEMJOY is THE PREMIER pure nudes site on the web. And what sets it apart from all the other sites? Several things. The beauty of its models, the intimacy of
  its photos, and its "moving pictures," each of which have an accompanying "picture set" so you can watch the movie AND look at the photos. If you love your
  girls pure and natural and gorgeous, always playing naked in beautiful natural settings, come to FEMJOY! Updated EVERY DAY!!

  Discover the FEMJOY Difference
  Fact is, not all erotic sites are created equal. So, you ask, what sets one apart from another? Well, you simply need to look to FEMJOY to find the answer.
  FEMJOY publishes only the highest quality exclusive nude photos, and every single shot is a masterpiece. Some sites simply "dump" their contact sheets onto the
  computer. At FEMJOY, they handpick every photo so that you get only the best.

  FEMJOY also only works with the finest photographers and models, which leads to the best photos and videos. You will only find incredibly beautiful, natural
  girls on FEMJOY. And all of the images and videos are bright, clear, and wonderfull composed. No wasting your time on sub-par photos and videos. At
  FEMJOY, it's all about quality.

  Finally, FEMJOY is the only site to post videos ALONG WITH photo sets. So you can look at the photos first, and then watch the video. The sensation is
  incredibly thrilling, and one we strongly recommend :-).
  So come to FEMJOY, and discover the difference that quality makes!

  FEMJOY Girls - Amateur Excellence
  FEMJOY has quickly become famous for having the most beautiful girls on the web inside its site. Sure, many sites have a number of quality looking young
  women, but EVERY model inside FEMJOY is top quality. So you might ask, how does FEMJOY do it?

  The answer is "amateur excellence." They don't work with established models who already "have their thing" down. Instead, they look for amateurs. Regular girls
  who might do a little modeling, but by and large their main interest in life lies somewhere else. Almost none of them have taken their clothes off for the camera
  before, but every single one of them is gorgeous enough to be doing it professionally.

  FEMJOY amateurs aren't your average "regular girls." These are Perfect 10's who just haven't become jaded by modeling for everyone yet. And they exhibit
  excellence by being healthy, smart, engaging, curious, dynamic young women. And when they get them to take off their clothes, pure magic happens, because it's
  meant to be. When an amateur of such excellence gets naked, the effect is indescribably original and alluring.

  FEMJOY - The Art of Erotica
  There's a distinction in the world of online nude photography. It's between "art" and "erotica." Art is supposed to be appreciated by the higher senses, enjoyed for
  its form and composition, and viewed from a critical distance. Erotica is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used for its immediate satisfaction, and
  viewed as closely, and as uncritically, as possible.

  Many sites claim they offer one or the other, but very few sites offer an arousing mixture of both. And no site offers SUCH an arousing mixture as FEMJOY. At
  FEMJOY, you get both - art and erotica. Arousing images and movies that both stimulate your higher senses and satisfy your deeper needs.

  And that's what FEMJOY gives you, in every photo and in every movie. The art of erotica. Like only FEMJOY can!
  Have yourself the best

  The FEMJOY Difference - Teen Women
  The word "teen" has gained a whole new meaning thanks to the adult world on the web. It used to be that a "teen" meant anyone from 13 - 19. Now, when it
  comes to looking at teens on the web, the word means anyone from 18 - ? that "looks" young. But of course with looking at "young" content on the web, you
  need to be careful to make sure you're not breaking any laws.

  That's why FEMJOY is a great place to enjoy "teen" content. All of the models were 18 years or older at the time of photographing, but we do have a number of
  models who are "teen" looking. But what's great about the FEMJOY teens, like the ones you see to the left, is that they aren't the kind of "teen" that makes you
  feel guilty or creepy or "wrong" for looking at them.

  This is for several reasons. First, FEMJOY's philosophy is very much about "respect for the model." They treat their models like the thoughtful, imaginative,
  respectable beings they are. Second, their teen models are doing things with their lives - they're students and artists and waitresses and women. Finally,
  FEMJOY's style of photography not only highlights what's "teenish" about their models, but also what's natural and beautiful about them in a universal way...in a
  way that doesn't "fetishize" their youngness.

  So if you like "teen" content but don't like the creepy feeling some sites can give you, visit FEMJOY. FEMJOY's teens are young women, beautiful, smart, and

  What's inside FEMJOY?
  When you join FEMJOY you get access to every photo and movie inside the site. This incredible collection of pure nude artistry features super sexy models. All
  of them are real girls - waitresses, students, musicians - and many of them are posing nude for the first time ever.

  Every movie in FEMJOY comes with a corresponding picture set, so you can look at the pictures and then watch them move. All the images come in three sizes -
  600, 1000, and 3000 or 4000 pixels and all the photo sets can be downloaded in ZIP files.

  But the best thing about joining FEMJOY is the intimate relationship you develop with the girls. With new photos and movies appearing every day, you really get
  to know the girls as you watch them frolic in nature and develop physically. It's a community of members and models that appreciate pure nudes without all the
  ugly aspects of porn.
  So, that's what you get inside FEMJOY. Fact is, it's wonderful inside. Care to join?

Ariel- Enchantment
Nothing says FEMJOY like the incredible Ariel.
Tea- Good Feelings
Tea is back in an amazingly alluring striptease and self-touch video
that will have your fantasies reeling with delight.
Jayla- Waiting For You
Jayla takes a shower and invites us to watch.
Junia- Amazing Beauty
Amazing Beauty is right...Junia will seduce you completely in this
sexy new moving picture.
Coxy- I love cooking
Coxy and Stefan Soell have some fresh, erotic fun in this exciting new
photo set.
Belinda- Wind of The Spirits
The wind blowing thru her golden hair, Belinda gives us the ultimate
showing of her delectable secret beauty.
Jayla- Little Secret
Dancing and stretching in the open air, Jayla is the very image of
natural female wonder.
Suzie- White Shower
Suzie takes a nice hot shower in the morning, and you get to watch.
Kyra- Private Show
Kyra is back on FEMJOY in a sizzling private striptease video that is
not to be missed.
Amandine "Matter Of Time"
Join Amandine as she again seduces our members with her delicously intimate video style.
Suzie, Tea "Let me watch you"
Tea wants to watch Suzi bathe herself. Fortunately, there's a tub right next to the bed. Pure eroticism ensues...
Jenni "Here With You" by: Tatiana Novak
Any time Jenni comes back for a video is a cause for celebration. But
this time is extra special...
Sarah "Feel It"  by Lorenzo Renzi
Sarah is looking as good as ever in this stunning, and highly
intimate, self-touch video.
Lara "Expectations"
The ever adorable Lara gives us a truly innocent treat in this highly
erotic (and very explicit) new FEMJOY video.
Angelina, Jenni "Little Party"
Two beautiful nude girls party on a terrace overlooking Prague.
Gentlemen, welcome to heaven.
Suzie, Tea "Ooh Ah Yea"
Two gorgeous dancing girls step into the bedroom. Naked. And dance.
Together. For your viewing pleasure. It's time to party.
Yami, Katalin "Slowly"
This high quality erotic video is all you need for a maximum sensual
viewing experience.
Ariel "More Appealing Than Ever"
Our members are going crazy for this week's Best Of set, featuring the
incredible Ariel.
Amandine "Special"
Amandine stars in this amazing new erotic video, peeling off her
clothes in the cool morning light.
Lorena "Out Of This World"
An incredible setting, a beautiful model, and perfect videography
make this one of FEMJOY's finest moving pictures.
Ariel, Lorena G.- Fun at the Pool
Two young beauties lounge around naked by the pool, occasionally
flirting with the camera. This is video heaven.
Ellen- Breaking the Rules
Ellen is back with a super sexy video to accompany her highly popular
photo series, "Breaking the Rules."
 Ellen - Where i want to be
 She's fully nude and dancing on the bed at dawn. Ellen is your fantasy girl.
 Paulina - Scent Of Love
 Paulina has tons of photos and videos on FEMJOY, and that's because she's just that hot.
 Nikola - Last Day of Summer
 Delicate, lovely, playful Nikola is back for her first erotic video. Prepare yourself for fantasy overload.
 Adelia - Secret Stairs
 Adelia spends some time on her secret stairs, showing off her own secrets.

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